Corporatisation and regulation

Picture credit: John Isaac / World Bank, via Flickr

Corporatisation and Regulation in the Private Healthcare Sector in India (CRiPS) is concerned with the expansion and changing face of private sector hospital care and related diagnostic services through an organised, and increasingly transnational, healthcare industry. Using a detailed case study in Maharashtra State, India, the research aims to: examine the implications of these emerging forms of healthcare delivery and their business and management practices for the healthcare sector and for practitioners and users of their services; consider the nature of past attempts at effective private sector regulation; and to advance the development of a social accountability framework for regulation of the sector.

CRiPS is a collaboration between King’s College London and Support for Advocacy and Training to Health Initiatives (SATHI), a civil society organisation based in Pune, India. SATHI’s mission is to contribute to the building of the movement for ‘Health For All’ through collective action and research in India. CRiPS is funded by the UK Medical Research Council as part of the Health Systems Research Initiative.


Chakravarthi I and BM Hunter (Eds.) (2019). Private Healthcare Sector in Mumbai and Pune since the 1980s. Pune: SATHI

Chakravarthi I and BM Hunter (Eds.) (2019). Regulation of formal private healthcare providers in Maharashtra. Pune: SATHI

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Project team

Professor Susan Murray and Dr Indira Chakravarthi (lead investigators), Shweta Marathe, Deepali Yakkundi, Dr Abhay Shukla, Dr Benjamin Hunter, Dr Arun Gadre, Dr Sanjay Nagral

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