Transnational Engagements in China, India and the UK

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Healthcare is increasingly seen as an area that can deliver significant financial returns, particularly through international trade in health-related services. As a result some governments are actively promoting healthcare as a strategy for national economic development. The Transnational Provisioning of Services in the Social Sector (TNP) project aims to improve understanding of transnational engagements between wealthy countries and emerging economies in the healthcare sector, and the domestic implications of these engagements. We address this through a detailed study of contemporary attempts by public and private actors in China, India and the UK to benefit from market opportunities for the trading in health-related services between these three countries.

In May 2023 we held a research symposium at King’s College London. Further details can be found here.

The project is a collaboration between researchers at King’s College London, University of Sussex and Jawaharlal Nehru University. It is conducted with support from the UK Economic and Social Research Council.

Policy briefs

Academic publications

  • Salter B, Dong Y and BM Hunter. (2022). Constructing healthcare services markets: networks, brokers and the China-England engagement. Globalization and Health

Project team

Professor Susan Fairley Murray (lead investigator), Professor Ramila Bisht, Professor Brian Salter, Dr Benjamin Hunter, Dr Yinhua Zhou (Co-Investigators), and Dr Yiming Dong and Dr Sibille Merz.

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